Jurek Kirakowski, PhD

"The data is all that is the case."

I spent many happy years as Statutory Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology and now I'm retired. It's just great being retired!

I'm continuing my professional life as the Co-ordinator of User eXPerience Solutions but I have a few extra-curricular activities ongoing as well.

My fascinations in life are: questionnaires, measurement, statistics, the psychology of conscious experience, programming, developing web sites, writing and translating poetry, New Testament scholarship, playing the viola, Irish harp, piano, treble recorder, and tenor horn (sometimes.) Once the principal viola of the Cork Symphony Orchestra under the wonderful baton of Prof Aloys Fleishman, I firmly believe that if an instrument is worth playing, it's worth devoting as much of your life as you can afford to it.

This is a link to my slightly rough-and-ready professional CV.

What else... humm...

I love swimming in that vast mass of water girdling our planet known as the sea and extreme snorkelling. The dead water of warm swimming pools leaves me cold.

Being Polish, I speak half-a-dozen languages fluently if idiosyncratically, and still think that LISP 1.5 was a pretty neat idea.

My professional address is:

Dr. J. Kirakowski,
101 Sundays Well Road,
Cork T23 V6F3,
But the best way to contact me is to send me an e-mail:
(professional, incl. SUMI and WAMMI enquiries), or

(This page may become more interesting as time goes by...) )))